Core Narratives

It all starts with a story.

These are the stories that explain who you are, what you do, and how you help your clients succeed in an ever-changing world. Telling the right story the right way is critical to connecting with the people that matter.

Let’s transform your internal and external stories into compelling narratives that engage, influence, and motivate people to act. On the web, on the page, or in-person, a core narrative serves as your organization’s navigational system.

Presentation Coaching

The power of live.

Delivering your message in person is the most persuasive means you have to communicate. For some, it’s thrilling, others terrifying. Regardless, proper preparation will give you the confidence to project your ideas anywhere, from an intimate conference room to a massive exhibition hall.

Now, let’s talk about that Powerpoint deck …


For me, talking the talk IS walking the walk.

Does your organization or event need a speaker? I can share the keys to persuasive storytelling, angst-free creativity or a topic tailored to your needs.

My interests are wide, but my speeches are on point. (See, they even gave me a trophy.)

This Pen for Hire



I prefer to be in on projects in the earlier stages. I like the creative process. I love collaboration. I want to be part of those conversations. If you simply need someone to write reams of copy, I’m probably not your guy (but I know people!). I’m more interested in creating and spinning a narrative. If you need to solve a creative problem, design a narrative strategy, name a product, or generate taglines, I’d love to help.

Articles, Blog Posts and E-Books

We all have great ideas, but sometimes struggle to put them into words. For that project you need to get into print or posted online, let me lend a hand. I can guide you through any part part of the process, from brainstorming to outlining, drafting, and copy editing. Or I can write it for you.

Social Media

I don’t have fancy theories, formulas, or automated strategies for success. I do know how to show you with whom and how you should be connecting.


Words matter.

Whether delivering a keynote address, commencement speech, or prepared remarks, you never want to sound like you are speaking someone else’s words.

My training as a playwright allows me to write in many voices, and together, we can craft a speech that articulates your vision in your own distinct way.




We are all storytellers. Learn to master the tools.

Storytelling and innovation impact every business discipline from leadership to sales, marketing to customer service. These are native skills that are often underdeveloped in traditional education models.

It’s never too late to grow these innate traits.

We can customize story and creativity workshops, ranging from a half-day to multi-days, to the needs of you and your organization.

Contact me today for your free consultation!