What’s Your Story?

I help people and organizations thrive by telling better stories.

Why tell stories?

Stories make people care.

A story is the difference between “a car hit a tree” and “a Buick struck a hundred-year-old oak.”

Without the right story, you sound like this…

        XYZ Technology is a system integrator specializing in small business. We have been in continuous operation since April 1984 and are Dun & Bradstreet rated.

instead of this…..

        Integrating the computing needs of small businesses since 1984, XYZ Technology doesn’t simply connect machines, we connect people.

The emotion in a great story connects you with your audience, and moves them to act. With the right story, you can earn trust. Forge a connection. Woo an investor. Close a deal. Inspire a workforce.

What stories are you telling now? How effective are they? What stories should you be telling to get the results you want?

I can help you find out.

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” – Muriel Rukeyser, U.S. poet (1913-1980)